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   Outcomes of a novel abluminal bioabsorbable versus durable polymer-coated everolimus-eluting stent in complex patients and coronary artery disease

-Pllaha E, Menuni M, Stefanini GG, Pagnotta P, Scatturin M, Reimers B, Sardella G, Presbitero P


  Management and follow up of patients admitted to MDH with heart failure

-Tara Giacchino, Alice M.Moore, Lisa Lauren Buttigieg, Mark Anthony Sammut, Annalisa Montebello, Matthew Mercieca Balbi


LCZ696 compassionate use programme -

Alice M. May Moore, Lisa Buttigieg, Sara Xuereb, Robert G. Xuereb


How effective is our local cardiac rehabilitation exercise program?

-Mark Abela, Clifford Xuereb, Josette Desira, Catriona Zammit, Robert G. Xuereb


Cardiac Rehabilitation – Dealing with cardiovascular risk factors

- Mark Abela, Clifford Xuereb, Josette Desira, John Bonello, Robert G. Xuereb


 Outpatient low density lipoprotein reduction – who does it better?

-Mark Abela, John Bonello, Catriona Zammit, Maria Farrugia, Joanna Grech, Charlene Bondin, Lydia M. Grech, Caroline J Magri, Robert G. Xuereb, Andrew Cassar


Acute management of atrial fibrillation in the emergency department OP7

-Neville Borg, Melanie R Burg, Deborah Balzan, Lisa Buttigieg, Jessica Sammut, Christine Vella, Luke Zammit, Clarissa M Zehlicke, Mark A Sammut, Anna Spiteri

Transthoracic echocardiogram requests for suspected infective endocarditis: A local perspective

-Trevor Tabone, Daniele Lauretta Agius, Francesca Spiteri, Daniela Cassar Demarco, Robert G. Xuereb, Tonio Piscopo


 Did the introduction of high sensitivity Troponin T for the assessment of suspected acute coronary syndrome in Malta result in reduction in hospitalization time? A retrospective review

-Ahmed Chilmeran, Yahya Alwatari, Stuart Zintilis, Robert G. Xuereb


Diagnostic yield of coronary angiography at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta – a 5-Year re-audit

-Jeremy Fleri-Soler, Mark Anthony Sammut, Jesmar Buttigieg, Robert G. Xuereb


Diagnostic yield of 24-hour ambulatory ECG (Holter) monitoring in the evaluation of syncope with or without dizziness

-Sara Xuereb, Kenneth Buhagiar, Rachel Xuereb, Mariosa Xuereb

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