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OP 1      Sweet As: The Initial Impact of an Acute Coronary Syndrome Admission on Glycaemic Control in Known Diabetic Patients

               Elaine Camilleri, Lisa Lauren Buttigieg, Maryanne Caruana


OP 2      Evaluation and Management of Patients Admitted with Severe Hypertension at Mater Dei Hospital: A Retrospective Audit

               Gertrude Micallef, Adrian Fenech, Mary Madeleine Bonnici, Maria Xuereb Dingli, Maria Angela Gauci, Lara Delicata

OP 3      Cardiac Rehabilitation during COVID-19: An Eye Opener

               Clare Desira, Gabrielle De Gray, Jeremy Fleri-Soler, Mark Abela

OP 4      Tirofiban use Evaluation in Acute Coronary Syndrome

               Elena Ronchese, Francesca Wirth, Robert G Xuereb, Liberato Camilleri, Stefano Moro, Lilian M Azzopardi

OP 5      Clinical Outcomes of COVID-19 Recovered Patients

               Jessica Barbara, Jessica Gatt, Rachel Anne Xuereb, Nick Tabone Adami, Jessica Darmanin, Renee Erasmi, Robert G Xuereb,                                     Christopher Barbara, Stephen Fava, Caroline J Magri


OP 6      Long COVID Syndrome: A Case-Control Study

               Rachel Anne Xuereb, Alex Gatt, Robert G Xuereb, Christopher Barbara, Stephen Fava, Caroline J Magri

OP 7      Cardiac Screening in Police and Armed Forces: A Pilot Project

               Kentaro Yamagata, Lara Yamagata, Mark Abela



OP 8      Risk of Pharmacists Prescribing Statins: A Physician’s Perspective

               Milica Jovanovic, Maresca Attard Pizzuto, Lilian M Azzopardi



OP 9      Six months after the Patients Stayed Home: A Study of Cardiac Mortality and Readmissions Following the First Wave of the                 COVID- 9 Pandemic in Malta

               Neil Grech, Rachel Anne Xuereb, Robert G Xuereb, Maryanne Caruana



OP 10    Determinants of Hospitalisation and Need for Intubation in Local COVID-19 Subjects

               Jessica Gatt, Jessica Barbara, Rachel Anne Xuereb, Nick Tabone Adami, Jessica Darmanin, Renee Erasmi, Robert G Xuereb,                                     Christopher Barbara, Stephen Fava, Caroline J Magri



OP 11    Point-of-Care Testing for Non-Communicable Diseases in  Community Pharmacy Practice

               Rebecca Zammit, Francesca Wirth, Lilian M Azzopardi



OP 12    Location of Accessory Pathways within the Local Population: A Retrospective Analysis

               Samuel Meilak, Christine Caruana, Mark A Sammut

P 1         Atrial Flutter in the Neonatal Period

               Christine Caruana, Mark A Sammut



P 2         Pacemaker Complications

               Christine Caruana, Mark A Sammut



P 3         Audit Analysing the New Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic (RACPC) at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

               Clarissa Sciberras, George Sultana



P 4         Use of Warfarin and Novel Oral Anticoagulants

               Grazielle Camilleri, Francesca Wirth, Anthony Serracino-Inglott, Lilian M Azzopardi



P 5         RenalGuardTM System for Prevention of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy: The Malta Experience

               Hannah Xuereb, Jean Marc Mizzi, Adam Al Gededi, Sara Xuereb, Robert G Xuereb



P 6         Outcome of the First Percutaneous Tricuspid Valve Interventions Performed in Malta

               Hannah Xuereb, Rachel Anne Xuereb, Sara Xuereb, Robert G Xuereb


P 7         Analysis of the Outcome of Patients Admitted with Biomarker Positive Chest Pain and Normal Coronary Angiogram

               Jessica Barbara, Jessica Gatt, Kentaro Yamagata, Alexander Borg



P 8         Mid-Ventricular Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Triggered by Near Drowning

               Neil Grech, Matthew Mercieca Balbi, Andrew Cassar Maempel



P 9         An Audit to determine whether NT pro-BNP is investigated in Patients with Heart Failure in Accordance with the Current                      Practice Guidelines
               Sana Mubashir, Andrew Cassar Maempel, Cynthia Farrugia, Darren Borg, Julian Mamo



P 10       Appropriateness of Timing Intervals of Serial Trans-Thoracic Echos in Patients with Native Valvular Heart Disease

               James Scicluna, Jessica gatt, Philip Dingli

E - Posters

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E-Poster CSC Use of Warfarin and NOACs Grazielle Camilleri 3.jpg
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