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The Maltese Cardiac Society was founded in 2007. During that year the Society became a full member of the European Society of Cardiology. The Maltese Cardiac Society participates in various spheres with a view to reducing Cardiovascular disease. In 2012 the Maltese Cardiac Society satisfied the legal requirements necessary to be invited by the Department of Health Malta to take up its position on the Maltese Specialist Accreditation Committee


Mission Statement

The Maltese Cardiac Society:

 (I) takes part in the annual National Societies Stand Exhibition at each European Society of Cardiology congress always supported by local Cardiology staff

 (II) organizes an annual local Congress

 (III) organizes educational activities: multidisciplinary meetings and evening seminars with occasional guest speakers from overseas with a view to reducing the burden of Cardiovascular disease in Malta

 (IV) Members have been able to assess further training funded by the European Society of Cardiology


President: Dr Maryanne Caruana

Vice-president: Dr Alex Borg

Secretary: Dr Mark Sammut

Treasurer: Dr Philip Dingli

Academic Registrar: Dr John Bonello

Research and Innovation Officer : Dr Alice May Moore

Public Relations Officer : Dr Tiziana Felice

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